Namaste, Dear practitioners,

Embark on a transformative journey this month with our curated yoga practices, designed to meet you at your level and guide you towards holistic well-being. In this upcoming month, we are excited to introduce four weeks of focused yoga sessions tailored for practitioners of different levels. Let’s explore the enriching practices that await you.

Week 1: Building Foundations
In the first week, our sessions concentrate on building a strong foundation, especially for beginners.

Explore hip conditioning, forward extensions, and gentle lower back actions, ensuring a solid base for your yoga journey. Experienced beginners delve into arm balances, shoulder connections, and releasing hip stiffness, enhancing balance and strength. Elderly practitioners find support in graceful movements and Surya Namaskara, adapted for gentle practice.

Week 2: Deepening Practices
The second week brings practices aimed at deepening your yoga experience. Beginners focus on back arches and knee care, preparing for more advanced postures. Experienced beginners explore twists, forward extensions, and strengthening shoulders. Elderly practitioners concentrate on twists, hip connections, and mindful breathing, promoting flexibility and stability.

Week 3: Mastering Balance and Flexibility
Week three is about mastering balance and flexibility. Beginners work on back arches and knee preparation, vital for progressing in yoga. Experienced beginners refine their practice through Padmasana preparation and deepening twists. Elderly practitioners find support in upper body preparation, enhancing breath and internal focus.

Week 4: Nurturing Wellness
In the final week, our practices focus on nurturing overall wellness. Beginners and experienced beginners concentrate on back health and deepening breath control. Elderly practitioners experience the serenity of supine exploration, guided by an audio pranayama class.

Additionally, all levels can participate in the

Special Short Course, “Use of Chair in Asana Practice” exploring new dimensions in yoga with the support of a chair.
Discover the profound impact of incorporating a chair into your yoga practice. This short course unlocks new dimensions in your yoga journey, providing support and depth to your postures. Explore the transformative power of this unique practice.
Dear practitioners, this month is not just about yoga; it’s about your personal journey, your growth, and your well-being. We invite you to embrace these practices with an open heart and a curious spirit. Remember, yoga is a continuous voyage of self-discovery and growth. May this month be filled with profound insights, deep relaxation, and transformative experiences.

With love and light,

Practice for the 1st week of the month

Start off the month with a week of energising and strengthening standing asanas. 6 sessions across 3 levels.

Practice for the 2nd week of the month

Stretch, extend and broaden in the second week through forward extensions. 6 sessions across 3 levels.

Practice for the 3rd week of the month

Exhilerating back arches, cleansing twists in the third week of the month. 6 sessions across 3 levels.

Practice for the 4th week of the month

Round off the month with upside down asanas, breath work, and quiet/ restful practice. 6 sessions across 3 levels.

Short Course of the Month

Explore a set of classes based on a common ‘theme’.

*Jaya introduces inversions with props in the series section