Return Policy for Online Iyengar Yoga Classes Digital Library:

No Returns or Refunds:

Due to the digital nature of the content, all sales are final and no returns or refunds will be processed for purchases of Iyengar yoga classes from our online digital library.


Access and Availability: 

Upon successful purchase, customers will receive immediate access to the digital library of Iyengar yoga classes for the duration of the subscription or membership period as specified at the time of purchase.

Technical Issues: 

In case of any technical issues or difficulties accessing the digital library, customers are requested to contact our customer support for assistance.


Changes to Content or Availability: 

The online digital library of Iyengar yoga classes may be updated, modified, or removed without prior notice at the discretion of the website or platform owner.


Personal Use Only:

Purchased Iyengar yoga classes from the digital library are for personal use only and cannot be shared, distributed, or resold in any form.



Customers are required to comply with the terms of use, copyright laws, and any other applicable laws and regulations while accessing and using the online digital library.

No Substitution: 

Purchased Iyengar yoga classes cannot be substituted for other classes or services offered by the website or platform.


The website or platform owner does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes from the use of the Iyengar yoga classes in the digital library. Customers are advised to consult with a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.

Contact Information: 

For any questions, concerns, or technical issues related to the online digital library of Iyengar yoga classes, 

please contact our customer support at