Asanas for Different Body Position/ Action
Standing Asanas, Forward Extending, Twisting, Back Arches, Abdominal Actions, Inversions, Balancing
Single Classes

Standing Asanas (124)

Legs are the foundation for standing and moving. Standing asanas make the legs firm and steady, build strength and endurance, giving us a confident base for our body, and our minds.

Forward Extending Asanas (45)

Forward extensions can be done actively to energise all abdominal organs, improving digestion, controlling obesity. They can also be done with support, soothing the nerves relieving blood pressure and headache, and calming the mind. Extending forward with various positions of the legs, works on the back muscles,

Twisting Asanas (21)

Twists keep the spine flexible, thereby preventing stiffness. They compliment the other categories of asanas, bering even-ness to both sides of the body, correcting imbalances, bringing flexibility to shoulders, and relieving back aches. Twists also massage and tone the abdominal organs, improve kidney functioning,

Back Arches (48)

Abdominal Actions in Asanas (39)

Balancing Asanas (9)

Inverted Asanas (30)

Close to the Floor (Supine, Prone and Seated Asanas) (60)

Multiple positions and movements (107)

Short Duration Sessions
Sessions under 60 min.
Shoulder blades, Ribs: Arching Back and Twisting

Sessions under 60 min. (126)