Asanas for Different Body Position/ Action
Standing Asanas, Forward Extending, Twisting, Back Arches, Abdominal Actions, Inversions, Balancing
Single Classes

Standing Asanas (124) Standing asanas go beyond mere physical postures. They build confidence, stability, and strength, benefiting the legs, hips, and back. These foundational poses prepare practitioners for a comprehensive yoga practice, offering a strong starting point to explore various asana categories.

Legs are the foundation for standing and moving. Standing asanas make the legs firm and steady, build strength and endurance, giving us a confident base for our body, and our minds.

Forward Extending Asanas (45) Forward extensions go beyond simple bending. They incorporate a "concave back action" that readies the body for balanced extension. Active involvement stretches the spine, tones the abdomen, and enhances flexibility. In the final pose, the head rests and the heart settles horizontally, creating a soothing and cooling effect, fostering a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Forward extensions can be done actively to energise all abdominal organs, improving digestion, controlling obesity. They can also be done with support, soothing the nerves relieving blood pressure and headache, and calming the mind. Extending forward with various positions of the legs, works on the back muscles,

Twisting Asanas (21)

Twists keep the spine flexible, thereby preventing stiffness. They compliment the other categories of asanas, bering even-ness to both sides of the body, correcting imbalances, bringing flexibility to shoulders, and relieving back aches. Twists also massage and tone the abdominal organs, improve kidney functioning,

Back Arches (50) Backward extensions are essential for yoga practice, as they strengthen the back muscles, promote spinal flexibility, and expand the chest for improved breath capacity. These invigorating poses uplift the energy levels, fostering a positive and vibrant state. Supported variations of these asanas make them accessible to practitioners of all ages, including the elderly.

Abdominal Actions in Asanas (39) The abdominal area is not just about core muscles. It encompasses vital organs and is intricately connected to the lower back. Asanas address this region with care, focusing on breath work. They strengthen and nurture the abdomen while incorporating inversions, twists, and restorative practices.

Balancing Asanas (9) Arm balancing poses challenge the practitioner with their requirement of strong arms and shoulders, along with the ability to distribute body weight on a small surface area. These poses also demand mental focus to maintain balance and engage the core for stability and precise execution.

Inverted Asanas (33) Inversions have a profound impact on the body and mind as they turn our world upside down. They benefit the nervous, endocrine, respiratory, lymphatic, and immune systems, promoting mental clarity, focus, and overall well-being. With proper asana preparation, inversions can be practiced safely, and Iyengar yoga offers supported variations for therapeutic benefits.

Close to the Floor (Supine, Prone and Seated Asanas) (64) Seated asanas provide various positions for the hips, ankles, and knees. They focus on the spine, lower back, pelvis, and abdomen, benefiting digestive and reproductive organs. These poses also lay the groundwork for meditative practices like pranayama, dharana, and dhyana.

Multiple positions and movements (114) In the world of asana practice, including various categories within a session has dual benefits. It brings energy and keeps things interesting, while allowing for continuous exploration of different aspects of asanas. This approach nurtures attentiveness, curiosity, and a sense of adventure.