When choosing a class level, it’s important to consider your experience, physical abilities, and personal goals. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the appropriate class level for you:


If you are new to yoga or have practiced for less than six months, including an introductory program, start with the beginner level. These classes focus on standing asanas, introduce simple movements, and have basic instructions with limited prop usage.

Experienced Beginners:

If you have practiced yoga for six months to two years, join the experienced beginner level. These classes introduce more asanas, offer nuanced instructions, and explore forward extensions, back arches, and basic inversions.


If you have practiced yoga for two to four years, opt for the intermediate level. These classes have longer holds, introduce pranayama and more advanced asanas like inversions and arm balances.


The gentle level is suitable for the elderly, individuals recovering from illness or injury, or those with chronic conditions. It provides a supportive and modified approach to yoga practice.

If you find a class too challenging or the instructions too difficult to follow, consider switching to a lower level. If you are recovering from an illness, feeling physically exhausted, or have specific conditions, a gentle level class may be more appropriate. Remember to listen to your body and communicate with your instructor for guidance.