Gently Done Lower Back Actions in Forward Extensions

399.00 for 1 month

The intelligent use of abdomen in forwards extensions.  the use of supports makes these actions suitable for most people.

Level: Gentle, Intermediate, Experienced Beginner

Duration: 60mins

Tagwords: 60mins, forward extensions, forward bends, abdominal, core, abdomen, lower back, back care, props, supports,  parsvottanasana, uttanasana, prasarita padottanasana, malasana, supta padangusthasana1 



In a healthy forward bend action,  back doesnt just ‘bend’ forwards, it broadens, spreads and expands sideways as well. Often we overlook this technically and therapeutically important aspect in our zeal to just somehow reach forward.  This session explores this widening action of the lower back in forward extensions.

While this session can be done stand-alone, it a good complement to the session Gentle Abdominal Actions Through Forward Extensions.  Together these two sessions explore how the waist-lower back-abdomen latitude can be effectively used in forward extensions.