Spinal Relief for Deskworkers

299.00 for 1 month

We activate and energise the back body through hip and shoulder movements, in supine and standing asanas.  A good session to restart practice after a break.

Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner

Duration: 45min.

Tagwords: 45min, back, spine, restart, standing, multiple asana categories,  supta padangusthasana2



Sitting at a desk, working with a computer can be immensely stressful on our body functioning – on the skeleto-muscukar system, and on the physiology.  While we might not be able to change the nature of our jobs, a regular asana practice is immensely useful in holding at bay, and reversing degenerative changes at various levels. Our spine is capable of a fairly extraordinary range of movements, but holding it chronically in the same position, hunching the back, not exploring the full range of spinal movements on a regular basis, all of this will eventually result in degenerative changes to the spine. In this session, we work on limbering the activating the back body through various movements of the spine – lying down, standing, and seated. Although short, this session starts with a preparatory segment, for an active session of standing asanas, and ends with a couple of quieter seated positions. This is also a good session to practice after a break from asana practice/ exercise.