Surya Namaskar Part 2 for Experienced Beginners: Weight Bearing on Hands

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Level: Experienced Beginners, Beginners

Duration: 60mins

Tagwords: 60mins, Surya namaskar, hips, legs, arms, shoulders, chaturanga dandasana

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The first 3 sessions  of this Short Course break down the twelve steps of Surya namaskar, and then put them together again. The sessions in this Short Course and good stand-alone sessions by themselves. The 2nd part of the Short Course  introduces weight bearing on the hands as we introduce jump throughs and Chaturanga dandasana with preparation.

Those with back weakness are advised caution in jumping, as well as in forward bends and back arches. This session involves bearing body weight on the hands and wrists.  Those with wrist injury/ weakness are advised caution.  Surya Namaskar is not recommend for women during menstruation