A Short Burst of Abdominal Actions

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A short burst, dynamic abdominals session.

Duration: 35min; Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginners, Intermediate

This recording is part of the Short Course Abdomen in Asanas: More than Core Series 1 (Level Intermediate)  and the Short Course  Abdomen in Asanas: More than Core Series 1 (Level Experienced Beginner) Save by renting the entire Course.

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A short burst, dynamic abdominals session that is not strictly an asana class
‘Invoking’ the abdomen – tuning in to abdominal participation in simple actions, and then extending it to asanas. this session doesnt have too many technical instructions – please follow along, pause the recording and repeat when you want to. Beginners may try this session – but expect it to be challenging!
Strong abdominal actions are not recommended for women during menstruation and pregnancy, for people who have recently undergone any medical procedure in the abdominal area, or going through any abdominal conditions like diarrhoea and dysentery.