Online Bridge Course to the Level Foundation

6,500.00 for 1 year

Suitable for: Those who want to start in-person classes at the practice room, but do not want to wait for the next In-person Introductory Module
For those who have prior experience of asana practice,  and want to fast-track through the 2-month Introductory Module

Program Content: 16 sessions of duration 60 mins. each
+ 8 practice sessions of duration 30-45 mins. each
+ 2 in-person personal consultation sessions with one of the instructors of the practice room of 30 mins .each

What happens after the Bridge Course?
When you feel comfortable with the Bridge Course (and this may take less than 2 months – especially if you have prior experience with asana practice), you can start in-studio classes at the practice room at the level Foundation .  This may be done at the beginning of any month.



Note: This is a ‘Introductory’ Course.  Only basic familiarisation with the asanas is expected, Proficiency/ mastery over the asanas is not required.
Note: The in-person sessions will be arranged after mutual discussion at your convenience.
Note: This online program is a part of the longer program ‘The first 24 Classes’. You may explore that program if you want a more detailed Online Introductory Program.