Supported Back Arches: Ekapada Viparita Dandasana on Chair

399.00 for 1 month

A long-ish hold in supported eka pada vipartia dandasana, after  preparing the back for this position.

This session is part of the Short Course Intermediate Level Back Arches: Supported and Unsupported.  Save by buying the entire Course.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 75min

Tagwords: 75mins, back arches, back bends, backward extensions, standing, upper back, props, supports, chest, shoulders, eka pada viparita dandasana



If one is already suffering from an ailment/ weakness of the back, back arches might sometimes not be advisable.  But for everyone else, it is highly recommended to make a regular practice of back arches a part of ones Asana practice – whether simple or complex/ advanced.  They help in maintaining the elasticity and mobility of the spine, improve the posture, improves the nervous system, are therapeutic for various physiological and psychological conditions, and bring about a sense of exhileration and upliftment.

Especially in the Iyengar system of practice, there is an immense scope for exploration of back arches: for example, the use of props.  Back arches are often the most difficult of the Asana categories to attempt.  But with the use of props, it makes it easier for us to attempt these positions.  Even if it is possible to independently attempt these positions, often we cannot stay in the Asana long enough for its effects to start surfacing.  Supports help us in staying long in such Asanas without much mental turmoil or physical exhaustion.

This session includes a long-ish hold in supported eka pada vipartia dandasana, after preparing the back for this position.  We recommend working with the previous part of this session (Supported Back Arches: Deep Dive into Viparita Dandasana with a Chair) before attempting this one.