Preparing for Forward Extensions: Calves and Shoulders

399.00 for 1 month

This session starts with shoulder work, and then prepares for forward extensions: softening and extending the calves

Level: Experienced Beginner

Duration: 60min

Tagwords: 60min, shoulder, calves, shins, standing, parivrtta trikonansana, parsvottanasana



The first half of this session focusses on shoulder actions, while the second half uses standing asanas with a focus o spreading of calves, in order to prepare for forward extensions.

Between the feet and the knee/ thigh, the lower parts of our legs – calves and shins – are often ignored.  But their position makes them liable to a lot of stress and strain.  From shin splits to varicose veins, problems manifest int eh lower legs.  In Asana, the lower legs are important levers for making finer adjustments.  We can often get stuck in our progression if the shins and calves are not trained as well.

This session gets into the ‘belly’ of the calf, to spread it, soften it, and use it in standing Asanas.