Beginners’ Back Arches Part1: Strengthening Arms, Shoulders and Legs to Prepare for Back Arches

399.00 for 1 month

Preparing the arms and shoulder leading to Virabhadrasana 1 ( connecting arms and shoulders to the hip and the lower limbs)

Level: Beginner/ Experienced Beginner

Duration: 60min

Tagwords: 60min, Upper back, shoulders, arms, hips, sports, standing, dynamic, favorite, Virabharasana1



This session is an intense focus on Virabhadrasana1.  Taken together, the arm action and the leg actions of Virabhadrasana1 are a very effective preparation for further back arches.  This is also great work by itself in opening up and strengthening the hip/ groin area in the lower body, and the upper back/ shoulder/ arm area in the upper body.  Recommended for anyone with dullness in the hi/ thigh are, or in the shoulder/ upper back area.