Progressive Weight Bearing, Flexion and Rotation for Resilient Knees

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Weight Bearing and Dynamic Weight Shifts for Resilient Knees

Duration: 75min; Level: Intermediate

This recording is part of the Short Course Knees: from Healing to Challenging (Short Course 2, Course Level: Intermediate).   Save by buying the whole Course.

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The knee (like all other joints) will ultimately benefit from learning to bear weight, and learning to negotiate weight transfer in a dynamic manner. This last session in this Series, builds up on the previous session, of dynamically shifting weight on to the knee.  It ends with some flexed and rotated knee positions to test the efficacy of all the previous actions 

Care and the discretion are advised when dealing with an injured and weak knee.  Those recovering from knee injuries are advised caution in approaching weight bearing exercises, and in  the fully flexed/ rotated positions like Virasana and Padmasana