Forward Extensions Overview – from Standing to Seated

399.00 for 1 month

In this session we start with mobilising the arms and legs and integrating the action of the limbs going towards restful seated forward extensions.

Duration: 60min

Level: Experienced Beginners

Tagwords: 60min, shoulders, legs, forward extensions, standing, favorite, parsvakonasana, adhomukha svanasana. uttanansana, virabhadrasana3, janu sirsasana

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Often, seated forward extensions are a rather uncomfortable or frustrating category of asanas for beginners.  The discomfort is often in the back, hips or neck.  Due to such discomforts, or due to the frustrations of feeling ‘stiff’, our minds don’t feel restful, and we are not able to stay in these positions long enough for their true potential to percolate in.  This session gives a quick overview of the preparation process, leading all the way up to seated forward extension – janua sirsasana.  we start with mobilising our limbs – our arms, and then our legs.  Thus prepared, our limbs lead us towards restful seated forward extensions that can be done with or without support.  While one session might not be enough to understand and learn the preparations, this is a good overview session. To make actual progress, the these actions have to be repeated several times over weeks and months.  You can also look for our Short Courses on Forwards Extensions for a more detailed actions that can be followed over a longer period of time.