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Course Level: Intermediate

Arms for Effortless Inversions (Headstand, Shoulderstand and Elbow Balance)

399.00 for 1 month

In this session we explore and increase the range of motion of the arm in the shoulder joint to lift up to adhomukha vrksasana, pinca mayurasana, sirsasana and sarvangasana

Level –  Intermediate

Duration – 85 min session.

Props needed: blocks, chair and blankets/ bolster to set up chair sarvangasana

This session is part of the Short Course#1 for Arms:Preparing Arms for Effortlessness in Inversions: Headstand, Shoulderstand and Elbow Balance (Level: Experienced Beginners/ Intermediate)



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A regular practice of inversions is believed to release tension, increase circulation and energy levels, and strengthen muscles. It’s also thought to promote emotional growth and calm the mind. An agitated mind will surely benefit from a practice of inversions. Arms play a major role in inverted positions. Our lower limbs (legs) and our upper limbs (arms) are attached to our trunk through ball and socket joints – to give maximum possibility of movement of these limbs. However, unlike the hip socket , the shoulder socket is shallow. This gives the arms a wider range of movement, but also makes the shoulder joint more prone to injury. It becomes all the more important to strengthen its connection with the shoulder-blades, and to the spine, in order increase the efficiency of arm use.

Although many of the positions and actions in this session are strengthening and beneficial for the shoulders, those having shoulder injuries are advised caution in some of them, especially in overhead arm positions.
Women during menstruation are advised against inverted asanas.