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Course Level: Gentle

Use of Abdomen in Supported Twists

299.00 for 1 month

This session focusses on integrating abdominal actions in seated twists.

Level: Gentle

Duration: 56mins

Props needed: a sturdy chair, yoga strap, a few firm blankets that can be folded and stacked to adjust the height of the seat.

This recording is part of the Short Course Short Course #1 for Abdomen More than 'Core' (Level - Gentle)

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This session focusses on integrating abdominal participation in twists. The abdominal involvement in twistings makes these asanas potent conditioners of the digestive system (in a healthy condition.  Strong abdominal twistings are contra-indicated during certain abdominal conditions). Active participation of the abdomen makes possible greater access in twists. The breath is the gateway to abdominal actions especially in twists

Although supported options are shown here for all the twisting actions, this doest by any means make then ‘milld’. Strong abdominal actions and twists of the abdominal region are contra-indicated for women during the days of menstruation and during pregnancy. They should also be avoided by those who have recently undergone any surgical procedure of the abdomen, or have any abdominal condition like diarrhoea/ dysentery.  Abdominal actions are closely linked to the back-body.  Those with weakness/ injury in the back are advised caution.