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Course Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner

Feet, Toes, Ankles: Stability and Mobility

399.00 for 1 month

The previous session in this Short focussed on mobility aspect of the lower extremities, in this session, we add the strengthening/ load bearing aspect as well.  Most of the positions involve moving the ankles and feet, but also bearing the weight of the body.

Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner

Duration: 60mins

Props required: belt, blocks, access to a wall.

This session may be done as a stand-alone session, but it is also part of the Short Course Stability and Mobility of the Feet: Toes, Ankles, Arches and More (Short Course, Level: Experienced Beginner)

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The ankle has the unique role in the body of balancing the much larger surface of our body on a narrow base, while maintaining stability, and giving us enough scope for mobility. Asanas provide ample opportunities for using the ankle in a variety of positions, thereby building strength and resilience.

Those who have limited balance for any reason are advised to hold on to a stable support (like a wall) in the standing balancing positions.