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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

Padmasana Preparation, Akarna dhanurasana

399.00 for 1 month

Preparing for padmasana: ‘warming’ the important joints and increasing movement at the hips, groins and knees.

Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

Duration: 60mins

Props required: belt, blanket, a sturdy chair or a low table, access to a wall

We recommend doing this session in combination with Padmasana Preparation: Knee Flexion in Different Positions, or with

Padmasana Preparation, Akunchan Kriya in Supta Padangusthasana


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The padmasana leg position is of significance both as a recommended posture of meditation, as well as the interesting ways in which it combines the actions of the various muscles and joints of the legs.

This session has strong knee flexion – this action is contraindicated for people with knee injuries.