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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

Seated Forward Extensions: Enriching Paschimottanasana

399.00 for 1 month

Paschimottanasana is given a special place in the category of seated forward extensions.  Inspite of the simplicity of its shape, this is a very potent asana.  its alternate names brahmacaryasana and ugrasana testify to the power inherent in this asana.  In this session, we learn to appreciate how the other forward extensions enrich paschimottanasana.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 75 mins.

Props needed: a couple of blocks, a few firm blankets that can be folded and stacked to adjust the height of the seat, yoga strap (optional)

This session is part of the Short Course  The Fabulous Five Seated Forward Extensions: from Preparation to Final Positions (Short Course; Level: Intermediate)


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Beause of the simplicity in its ‘shape’, paschimottanasana is introduced fairly early.  But as we continue our leeanring, we begin to realise the depth of this asana, as well as its potency.  In this session, we learn to appreciate how the other forward extensions enrich paschimottanasana.

While forward extensions are therapeutically beneficial in several conditions, and also part of the women’s menstrual practice when done restfully, this session is done energetically, squeezing and compressing the abdominal area. These actions maintain the health of the abdominal region.  But this is not a part of the womens menstrual practice, also those with any kind of abdominal tenderness/ trauma/ surgery are advised to use caution.

Those with back weakness/ injuries as well as with cervical conditions are advised to proceed with caution.  Practitioners with conditions of depression are advised not to rest the forehead and close the eyes – instead, the chin should be rested and the eyes kept open.