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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

Recovery after Road Travel or Prolonged Inactivity

299.00 for 1 month

Recommended session on a cold day to warm yourself up, or after a long road trip sitting in a car, or to do it on a day that you are feeling dull, or to use it to re-start your practice after a break.

Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

Duration: 55 mins.

Props needed: a yoga strap, block, a couple of firm blankets for sitting

This session is part of the Short Course Energising and Warming: for Cold and Dull Days (Short Course; Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate)

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Being tired can mean many things – being physically tired after a run (physical tiredness), being mentally exhausted after an intense discussion (mental tiredness), tiredness of the senses after looking at a screen continuously for a few hours (visual and mental tiredness), or sitting in one position for an extended amount of time (tiredness due to inactivity).  Relief strategies differ in these different situations.  When we sit – almost immobilised – on a long road trip, with our spine, hips, neck, legs held in the same position, breathing stale air, and the accompanying mental stress, quick relief need not mean ‘resting’ the body on a bed.  Relief can be faster if we address the body, mind and the breath actively, but sensitively.  In this session, a practice of standing asanas is done actively, but quietly.  Observe how just a shift in perspective brings about a large change in the impact of the practice. 

This is an active session without the use of too many props/ supports. It might not be a suitable practice for anyone in a weaken-ed state/ recovering from illnesses etc.