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Course Level: Experienced Beginner

‘Side’ Body Explorations Part1: Parighasana, Trikonasana, Vasisthasana

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In the asana vocabulary, there are many positions and actions that take awareness to the side body. This starts with the simplest of actions – raising the arms overhead or sideways, and then extends to the simplest asanas taught to beginners – the lateral standing asanas. This lead towards vasistasana.

There is some disturbance in the audio quality in the first 10 mins of this recording. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Level: Experienced Beginner

Duration: 50 min.

Props needed: yoga strap, couple of blocks (optional)

This recording is part of the Short Course Not Front, Not Back, On the Side: Exploration of the Lateral Body (Short Course; Level Experienced Beginner)

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 While asanas like trikonasana are introduced very early in our curriculum, doing it with the awareness of the ‘sides ‘of the body adds incredible richness to the actions.  This is followed by an adapted vasistasana.  In vasistasana, the body is very clearly on its side, but it has the added complexity of being balanced on one arm, and bearing  a significant part of the weight of the body on the arm

Those with wrist and shoulder weakness/ injury are advised caution when bearing weight on the wrists.

Although some of the actions in this session strengthen the shoulders, those with shoulder injuries are advised caution in weight bearing on the shoulders