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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Gentle, Intermediate

Emotional Stability Practice from Light on Life (Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate, Gentle). Includes FREE 60min session

Light on Life, published 2005, contains the wisdom of 70 years of Guru BKS Iyengar’s practice of Yoga.  This practice for emotional stability, is the only asana-specific segment in this book.   The position sketches, with very brief notes, comes at the end of the book.  In Mr. Iyengar’s words, “The following asanas will help you to develop emotional stability.  When the given sequence is followed, they relax a person totally.  The arrows show the right direction to extend and expand in the asana. ..
BKS Iyengar

Part1: Semi-inverted (heart below the head) and supported inverted positions

Part2: Supported backward extensions and inversions

Part3: supine and seated positions that bring about a sense of deep quietness, mental and emotional equipoise.

Part4: An edited and consolidated version of the previous 3 sessions (NOT a separate recording) -  that can be done as a follow-along session

Part5: A Shorter Practice for Emotional Stability – Adapted from original Sequence

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The recorded sessions in this Short Course do not attempt to teach the basic asanas from where these supported positions have been derived (you will find those asanas explained in other recorded sessions).    The positions are shown with prop-arrangements almost identical to those in the published sequence, and we go into the details of the prop arrangements.  We also suggest adaptations for a home practice where all the props might not be available.  The verbal cues direct the practitioner’s focus to the ‘line of extension and expansion” mentioned earlier by Mr Iyengar, to derive maximum benefit from this practice.

The entire sequence has been broken down into 3 three parts.  We have created a consolidated  a follow-along session as a 4th part.  A simpler suggested sequence for experienced beginners, for a shorter practice, and with fewer props comes FREE with this Series.  We recommend that you do the sessions in the order in which they have been listed.

  • Asanas 1 to 3 completed in sequence of asanas calms the mind and cools the brain
  • Asanas 4 to 10 balance the intelligence of the head (intellectual center) and the intelligence of the heart ( emotional center)
  • Asanas 11 and 12 stimulate the brain for positive thinking
  • Asana 13 brings quietness in the body
  • Asana 14 allows you to experience inner silence
  • If you do not have enough time, skip asana 14 and go to 15.  If time allows, do for 5 to 10 mins.”

– Light on Life, pg. 270