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Course Level: Gentle

Surya Namaskara: An Adapted Practice Using Supports, Part2

299.00 for 1 month

This is the second class focussed on constructing and deconstructing surya namaskar. We examine the biomechanics that are involved in the flow of asanas.
This class contains improvisations and modifications to adapt to the ability of the seniors

Level: Gentle

Duration: 50 mins

Props needed: yoga strap, blocks, a stack of firm blankets/ bolster, access to a wall

This recording is part of the Short Course Constructing and De-constructing Surya Namaskar (Short Course, Level Gentle)

Tag words: 50mins prop use sun salutations supported surya namaskara

Although we have adapted the dynamic surya namaskar sequence to a gentle practice, eliminating the jumps and the jerks, it is still demanding.  Practitioners with weak shoulders and wrists, with high blood pressure, with mobility and balance limitations, are advised to proceed with caution