Viparita Karani Action in Inverted Positions

In his book, ‘Yoga – The Path to Wholistic Health’, BKS Iyengar says viparita karani boosts confidence and alleviates nervous exhaustion. However, the ‘viparita karani’ action can be done in other inverted positions with varying degrees of support. In this session, we look at a few different ways of executing this position. Level: Intermediate Duration: […]

Twisting Actions Short Course (Weekend Intensive) Part2: Open, Closed, Supine and Inverted

Building up on the first part of this two-part series, This session explores the next level of complexity in twisting – introducing the concepts of open and closed twists, also twists in supine and inverted positions. The session ends with breath-work in supine positions Level: Intermediate Duration: 150min. Props needed: chair, block, blankets, bolsters ( […]

Abdominal Actions in Twists

Twists rotate the spine and stretch the muscles of the back. Twists help to improve the spinal cord’s range of motion. This session explores the relationship between abdominal organs and twisting actions, primarily through revolved and standing and supine positions, using the arm actions as a moving agency. Level: Intermediate Duration: 90 min. Props needed: […]

Long Holds in Supported Positions

Holding an asana for a long period of time lets the effect of the asana ‘seep’ in.  Supported positions that make possible long holds are one of the boons of the methodology developed by shri BKS Iyengar. They calm the nervous system, and are conducive for a meditative and breath-centric practice. This sequences is also […]

Handstand/ Full Arm balance/ Adhomukha vrksasana: Arms, Shoulders, and Wrists

Strengthening the arms is a worthwhile exercise by itself.  From the perspective of asana practice, arms are the ‘handles’ to the spine. And of course, arms are essential to do various inversions and arm balancing positions. This session can be adapted to various degrees of experience and practice levels to make it appropriately challenging. Includes […]

Use of Chair in Asana Practice: Inversions, Restful Asanas and Pranayama

Long stays in restful/ quiet asanas, a regular practice of inverted (upside down) asanas, and a gradual introduction to the powerful practices of pranayama, are characteristics of Iyengar Yoga.  Here, we look at how the chair can be used in a variety of ways, especially in combination with other props like blankets, bolsters and belts, […]

Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana 1 (Short Course, Intermediate)

A beginner level Asana, but one that might take a while to master.  Virabhadrasana1 is a standing Asana.  It has components of forward and backward extension, and even twists.  It requires collaborative effort of arms, legs, shoulders, back and hips.  If any of these parts are not performing optimally, it shows up in the Asana most commonly […]

Relief from Abdominal Heaviness after Feasting (Level Intermediate)

A sequence to relieve abdominal heaviness/sluggishness, this is a mix of active and passive positions. level: Intermediate Duration: 60 min Props needed: yoga strap, yoga chair, stack of firmly folded blankets, bolster This recording is part of the Short Course Short Course #1 for Abdomen: More than ‘Core’ (Level – Intermediate)