Progressions from Virabhadrasana I to Twists and Abdominals

Progressions from virabhadrasana I to abdominal actions and standing twists. Level – Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Duration – 60min Props needed: access to a wall, blocks (optional) Part of the Short Course Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana I (Short Course, Level – Experienced Beginner)

Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana 1 (Short Course, Intermediate)

A beginner level Asana, but one that might take a while to master.  Virabhadrasana1 is a standing Asana.  It has components of forward and backward extension, and even twists.  It requires collaborative effort of arms, legs, shoulders, back and hips.  If any of these parts are not performing optimally, it shows up in the Asana most commonly […]


As the seat of the largest muscles and bones in the body, the thighs built for strong actions. However, quiet often, due to our limited range of actions, and due to aging, the thighs start losing their firmness. We explore the interesting concepts of ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ muscular actions in this session.  Leading up to […]

Arms, Elbows and Shoulder Connections: Anantasana, Vasisthasana

Arms and their connection to the shoulders: preparation for anantasana and vasistasana. Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Duration: 50min Props required: no props are required for this session This session is part of the following Short Courses:  Strengthening Wrists and Preparing them for Weight Bearing Asanas (Short Course; Level – Intermediate) and, Strengthening Wrists and Preparing […]

Strengthening, Lengthening, Squeezing Arms to Relieve Fatigue

A short burst session to energise and strengthen the arms. Can be used by itself, or can be used as preparation for stronger arm actions like arm balances, inversions and back arches. Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner, Gentle Duration: 40min Props required: a chair to sit on, block, a strap