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Reading the book Light on Life by Guruji BKS Iyengar.  read by mohan

Recitation of the 108 names of Patanjali by the students of the practice room in February 2023. Led by shri Ramanujacharya at the Patanjali temple in Bellur.

The translation and transliteration are by Siddhartha Krishna, a practitioner of yoga, and a student of vedanta and sanskrit from a very young age.

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The 30th chapter of the book Light on Pranayama is titled Savasana(Relaxation).  This is a reading of that chapter. We have broken up the reading into 2 parts.  This 2nd part details the adjustments in Savasana, adaptations, precautions, watch-outs, as well as effects. Although it can be listened to at any time (and the chapter in the book can be read and re-read), we recorded this segment specifically to practice as a follow-along session. The practitioner is encouraged to find a clean and quiet space, and set aside half an hour for this. The first part of the chapter is recorded separately, and can be listened to at any time. 
The book has many detailed close-up images of various parts of the body as Mr. Iyengar positions himself in Savasana. The following is a link to a very short video of getting into Savasana that may be used as a quick reference.
Check out our Savasana blog for many adaptations and more information.