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In Iyengar yoga, the practices for women’s reproductive health have been defined with a great deal of nuance and sophistication, making them extremely efficacious. This includes the practice on the days of menstruation (the menstrual practice), the few days leading up to menstruation (pre-menstrual practice), and also a few days immediately after (post-menstrual practice).

The sessions in this Short Course are based on asana-inspired shoulder actions.  Each session is programmed like a ‘shoulder circuit’: in the first part of the session, a set of actions are done slowly with detailed explanations, and in the next part, they are repeated at a faster pace (and we recommend you repeat it once once more)

Restorative practice to to build up energy, and to experience deeper rest  on days when we dont feel 100% fit: at recovery stage of an illness, or due to poor sleep, headache, tiredness, sore back, uneven digestion5 recordings. 5 recordings, including 2 follow-along practices

Simple exercises to add to your routine if you are a regular ‘walker’.  before-walking, and after-walking exercises.  6 Recordings,  Introduction, 3 detailed recordings, 2 follow-along practices.

Multiple bite-sized video tutorials to improve respiration in case of respiratory distress – Useful in chronic conditions like asthma,  or in Covid at the recovery stage or with mild symptoms.  Suitable for newcomers with not much experience of yogasana practice.

4 recordings suitable for newcomers with no experience in asana practice

Share the experience of a practitioner in healing injured knees, and strengthening weak knees.

to heal injured knees, and to strengthen weak knees.The session in this Playlist offers an overview of both of these aspects.

An introduction to our back bodies, and the simplest do’s and don’ts. This basic understanding is essential for everyone embarking on an asana practice with a sensitive back.