Hip and Spine Movements to Complement Running/ Walking/ Sitting at Desk

Overall addressal of joints of the lower body, and the spine, that balances running, walking, or sitting at the desk for long hours.  This session is a mix of asanas, and discrete joint movements to isolate and mobilise joints of the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Level: All levels Duration: 75 min. Props needed: yoga […]

Building up to Challenging Leg and Knee Actions

Part of our Short Course on healthy knees, this session is for those whose knees are ready for some adventurous actions.  With the foundation of proper alignment, and with healthy hips and ankles, knees can become strong and resilient through these varied actions level: Intermediate Duration: 75 mins. Props needed: blankets, belt, blocks

Parivrtta Trikonasana: a Gentle Entry

Parivrtta trikonanasa – a standing, twisting, forward extending and balancing position. Naturally, this is not an easy position to access for older practitioners, or for those in a debilitated state. This session prepares for a supported parivrtta trikonasana after ample preparations – again using supports. Level: Gentle Duration: 90 min. Props needed: a couple of […]

Improving Ankle Resiliency with Supports

The first segment of this session works on exercises to free up the joints – with a focus on the hips. The second segment focusses on the ankle joint through a series of standing balancing and supine asanas. Level: All Levels Duration: 70min Props needed: a sturdy chair, a couple of blocks, a yoga strap […]

Resilient Ankles: Balancing, Flexing, Extending

This session picks up from the previous session in this short course.  It starts with exploring the role of ankles in standing balancing, weight bearing/ loading the ankles in both flexed and extended positions. The session ends with thorough resting of the calf area This session may be done as a stand-alone session, but it […]

Viparita Karani, Halasana, Upavistha Konasana: Independent and Supported

This series leads to a some deeply restorative and rejuvenative positions that are fully supported by two bolsters placed perpendicular to each other. We call them ‘cross bolsters. But to fully appreciate these supported positions, it is important to understand the classical asanas from where they have been derived. In the 4th session of this […]

Cross Bolster Magic: a Follow-along Finale

This is the finale of the magic we have been making with two bolsters – stringing together the supported back arches and inversions from the previous sessions for a deeply restorative class.  This session goes directly into the asanas supported by the two bolsters, without too many instructions.  We strongly recommend that you work with […]

Journey from Active to Supported Back Arches & Inversions Using Two Bolsters: The Cross Bolster Magic (Short Course; level: Intermediate)

This Short Course leads from active back arches and inversions, to deeply restorative and rejuvenative positions that are fully supported by two bolsters placed perpendicular to each other. We call them ‘cross bolsters’. Prop-supported position are a boon to people with limitations, and preferable in certain conditions even for otherwise physically able people. But to […]