Varicose Veins Prevention and Knee Health: Activating Leg Muscles Through Extending and Squeezing

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Muscular actions to fortify the knee joint and prevent varicose veins.

Duration: 75min; Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Gentle

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Knees: from Healing to Challenging (Short Course 2, Course Level: Gentle).  Save by buying the whole Course.

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Focus:   The knee is not just a skeletal joint.  In fact the surrounding muscles maintain the integrity of the bones that make up this  joint.  Not just of the knee joint, but also the circulation along the legs.  Our long  limbs are particularly vulnerable to poor circulation, and in the case of the legs, this can lead to ‘varicose veins’ – sluggish veinous return to the heart from the lower limb.  Varicose veins can develop into painful conditions. Muscular actions are essential to ‘squeeze and massage’ the veins, thus maintaining good tone in the blood vessels of the legs.   This session explores some of these muscular actions through restful and challenging long holds. 

Duration: 75 mins.

Note: Many of these actions are supported.  For those recovering from knee injuries, these are safe, and in fact highly recommended to do in the recovery stage. However,  use discretion to keep away from some of the actions in case of very painful or inflammed knees.  Also use discretion in approaching the fully flexed positions like Virasana