Feet, Toes, Ankles: Stability and Mobility

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The previous session in this Short focussed on mobility aspect of the lower extremities, in this session, we add the strengthening/ load bearing aspect as well.  Most of the positions involve moving the ankles and feet, but also bearing the weight of the body.

This session may be done as a stand-alone session, but it is also part of the Short Course Stability and Mobility of the Feet: Toes, Ankles, Arches and More (Short Course, Level: Experienced Beginners)   You can save by renting the entire Course.

Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner

Duration: 60mins

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The feet, toes snd ankles form the lower extremity of the body.  They different from the upper extremities – hands and wrists – in some interesting ways.  Whereas the hands are entrusted with more sensitive and delicate tasks, the feet have to bear the weight of the body.  But even as these lower extremities have to be strong, they also have to be mobile.  With our modern lifestyles, our demands from these joints is very low.

This session involves weight bearing positions while the ankles are being challenged in flexed or extended positions.