Padmasana Preparation, Akunchan Kriya in Supta Padangusthasana

399.00 for 1 month

Deep hip flexions and external rotation as preparation for padmasana.  We recommend doing this session in combination with Padmasana Preparation, Akarna dhanurasana

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 75mins

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The padmasana leg position is of significance both as a recommended posture of meditation, as well as the interesting ways in which combines the actions of the various muscles and joints of the legs.

However, padmasana is a demanding action for the hip joint and the knees.  Especially with our modern lifestyles where we seldom sit on the floor, and spend a lot of time seated on chairs, it is a good idea to approach this position with caution.  But there are many ways to prepare our hips and knees for this position.  This is an interesting journey in itself even for those who might never be able to do and maintain a comfortable padmasana.

The segment of  standing asanas serves to both ‘warm-up’ of the hips, groins and the knees. Especially in this session, the focus is in these standing asanas is to bring in larger flexion movements at the hips in weight bearing positions.  The use of supports as done here, does not make the actions easier.  In fact, it makes them more challenging.  In the last segment, we work with deep knee flexion in positions relatively simpler than padmasana.  Those with knee imbalance/ weakness are advised to proceed with caution