Surya Namaskar Part 2 for Intermediate Level: Integrating into a Short Energising Practice Including Inversions

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Level: Intermediate

Duration: 60mins

Tagwords: 60mins, favorite,  Surya namaskar, inversions, Sirsasana, Sarvangasana, Eka pada Sarvagasana

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The first 3 sessions  of this Short Course break down the twelve steps of Surya namaskar, and then put them together again.

The first session is common between the Experienced Beginner and the Intermediate level Short Courses. The other 2 sessions of the Intermediate level explore how Surya Namaskar can be integrated into our asana practice beyond just repetitions of  a certain number of cycles.  This second session integrates Surya Namaskar in a short energising practice session preceded and followed by inversions.