Eka Pada Actions – Mobilising the Two Legs Away from Each Other in Basic Asana Positions

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Eka Pada actions start in basic Asana positions.

Duration: 75min; Level: Experienced Beginner

This recording is part of the Short Course Eka Pada Actions – Preparing for Hanumanasana (Level: Experienced Beginners).  Save by buying the whole Course.

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Energising the back leg to hold its position, while mobilising the front leg to ‘scissor’ away from the back leg: the ‘Eka Pada’ actions start from basic Asana positions.

the separation of the front and back legs moving away from each other in the saggital plain is important to maintain the health and mobility all along the legs, the knee and hip joints, and the groins.  This has become even more relevant these days with our sedentary lifestyles and long hours of seating on chairs, as well as the popularity of physical activities such as running and bicycling, that involve repetitive short range movement of the legs.  All the actions in this session except the full forward bend of Uttanansana will also help in relieving back soreness.

Props needed: blankets, belt, 2 block,1 chair, access to a wall

These actions involve abdominal work, and are not advised for women during menstruation.  Some of these positions might not be suitable for those with back injuries/ weakness.