Abdominal Engagement and a Healthy Back

399.00 for 1 month

We learn to engage the abdomen in order to understand and engage the front body with the back body.

Duration: 60min;

Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

This recording is part of the Short Course Abdomen in Asanas: More than Core Series 1 (Level Intermediate)  and the Short Course  Abdomen in Asanas: More than Core Series 1 (Level Experienced Beginner)  Save by renting the entire Course.

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This is as much an ‘abdomen’ session, as a ‘back’ session.  The back and the front surfaces of the body are moved whenever we move our limbs. But these movements often displace either the organic body in the front, or the skeleto-muscular body at the back. In this session, we explore the role of the abdominal area in this relationship between the back and the front, and also how to move/ position these two facets so they are complimentary – more commonly called engaging the ‘core’.