Wrists and Elbows: Healing and Therapeutic Actions Part III

399.00 for 1 month


We recorded the ‘Elbows and Wrist Therapy’ series in response to a request for simple and short sessions that will start to heal and strengthen these joints.  Unlike our regular asana classes, the the actions in these sessions have been broken down to focus only on the shoulder/ elbow/ wrist areas, with very few actual asanas.

Health of elbow and wrists is definitely required to proceed towards the more complex back arches, arm balances and inversions.  But in general, intensive use of electronic gadgets often cause chronic stress in these areas.  Anyone who has such chronic/ repetitive stress injuries should benefit from these sessions.

This 3rd part has the most nuanced actions, as well as a couple of asanas. We recommend doing this session after the Part 1 and Part 2

Duration: 60 mins.

Props needed: 2 chairs of the same kind, a couple of yoga straps, a yoga mat, a yoga block, access to a wall, blankets, optional – a heavy piece of furniture that may be used as an anchor, cushions from around the home may be used for savasana


while these actions and positions  will generally benefit elbow and wrists ( and shoulders), if any movements or positions are causing you pain, please do them over a small, pain-free range, or skip them completely.