Preparing for Forward Extensions: Stability in Legs and Shoulders

This first session in the Short Course Essential Forward Extension, reinforces the stability of the legs and the shoulder blades.  The limbs, are both the beneficiaries of forward extensions, as well as active participants in the classical seated forward extensions.  In fact, the journey towards the final positions starts with preparation of the legs and […]

Shoulder blades, Ribs: Arching Back and Twisting

This session explores the role of the shoulder blades in accessing the how we hold our chest: lifted or slumped. While this is a fundamental action for all asana categories: back arches, twists, forward extensions and inversions, this session links it to back arches and twists Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 75 mins Props […]


As the seat of the largest muscles and bones in the body, the thighs built for strong actions. However, quiet often, due to our limited range of actions, and due to aging, the thighs start losing their firmness. We explore the interesting concepts of ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ muscular actions in this session.  Leading up to […]

Finding the Internal Resistance in Arching Back

Back arches are not simply ‘dropping back’. The control comes from an interplay of muscles – those that act, and those that resist.  Intermediate level backward extension actions: finding the ‘resistance’ in the arching, connecting the heel to the buttocks while resisting with the buttocks. Level: Intermediate Duration: 75min Props required: 2 blocks, strap, access […]

Padmasana Preparation: Knee Flexion in Different Positions

Deep hip flexions and knee flexions as preparation for padmasana. For Experienced Beginners, we recommend doing this session in combination with Padmasana Preparation, Akarna dhanurasana. For Intermediate level practitioners, we recommend doing this session in combination with Padmasana Preparation, Akunchan Kriya in Padangusthasana Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Duration: 60mins Props required: belt, blanket, blocks, access […]

Feet, Toes, Ankles: Simple Conditioning Drills and Asanas for All Levels

The session is in two segments. in the first segment, there are simple drills for the feet, ankles and toes that can be attempted by anyone – these are not classical asana positions. In the second segment, we attempt a few standing asanas with additional supports and additional focus on the feet, to explore the […]

Salamba Sirsasana 2 With Supports to Stabilise Shoulders

A quietly done session of Salamba Sirsasan2 shown with shoulder supports.. Builds up on the work of upper back/shoulder blade region in the previously recorded sessions that are suggested as accompaniments to this session Level: Intermediate Duration: 5omin Tagwords: 50mins, shoulders, arms, wrists, inversions, salamba sirsasan2, Sarvangasana

Surya Namaskara Part 3 for Intermediate Level: a Vinyasa Idea Beyond the 12 Steps

In this third session, we expand beyond the surya namaskar to a longer vinyasa. We also spend some time preparing the arms and legs before the fast actions, and some pacifying actions after. Level: Intermediate Duration: 60mins Props needed: yoga strap, access to a wall, props like blocks are optional This session is part of […]