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Course Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner

Simple Back Arches for Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck Relief

299.00 / month

Recommended to be done after the session Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck Relief/ Preparing for Back Arches.

Like the above session, this is also a multi-utility session: shoulder/ upper back/ neck focus for  - for sportspeople, deskworkers, those who experience stiffness in these areas, and those preparing for inverted asanas like sirsasana. While the previous session focussed on individual parts of the classical asana positions, This session goes farther than the previous session, to combine these parts into some of the beginner level asana positions.

Level: Experienced Beginner

Duration: 55mins

Props needed: a chair, access to a wall

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Sitting at a desk, working with a computer can be immensely stressful on our body functioning – the skeleto-muscukar system, the physiology, and the senses.  While we might not be able to change the nature of our jobs, a regular asana practice is immensely useful in holding at bay, and reversing degenerative changes at various levels.  For example, the neck is prone to weakness due to chronic holding of the neck in a certain angle when we work at a desk. This manifests in stiffness, pain, and over a longer period, degenerative changes in the cervical vertebrae. Back arches are immensely helpful in strengthening the neck.  If one is already suffering from an ailment/ weakness of the back, back arches might sometimes not be advisable. But for everyone else, it is highly recommended to make a regular practice of back arches a part of ones asana practice.  A regular practice of arching back helps in maintaining the elasticity and mobility of the spine, improves posture, improves the nervous system, is therapeutic for various physiological and psychological conditions, and brings about a sense of exhileration and upliftment.

Especially in the Iyengar system of practice, there is an immense scope for exploration of back arches: preparatory positions give a flavour and many of the benefits of back arches even to those for whom these positions might not be advisable, the final asanas have been dissected so that parts can be practiced in isolation. this brings focus to specific areas and actions.  Props make possible those positions that might otherwise be inaccessible, and they also make possible longer stays in back arches.

This is a beginner level session without too many props.  This session starts with a preparatory segment to prepare the upper back, shoulder, arms and the neck, and then we practice a set of beginner-level back arches that should be accessible by most people.