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Course Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner

Virabhadrasana I – Firmness and Confidence in the Legs to Proceed Further

299.00 for 1 month

Meant for a beginner level student who has attempted this virabhadrasana I  a few times, and is ready to look at the moving parts of this layered position. In this session, we address the lower body: the hips, the legs, the alignment of the stance, the balance
Level – Beginner, Experienced Beginner
Duration – 40min
Props needed - a yoga strap, blocks (optional), access to a wall, a stack of firm, folded blankets

This recording is part of the Short CourseDeep Dive - Virabhadrasana I (Short Course, Level - Experienced Beginner)

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Virabhadrasana I is a foundational standing asana.  When its first taught, it strengthens the legs, and extends the arms and shoulders.

When we re-visit virabhadrasana I later in our learning path, we can realise that it has embedded in it elements of twisting action, back arching, and even forward extension.  This is a short session that includes a preparatory sequence for Virabhadrasana I, touching upon the forward and backward extension, and the twisting component, preparing the arms, and the legs.  Instead of trying to achieve a perfect position, this session demonstrates steps that will give firmness and confidence in the position.