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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate

Arm Balancing Short Course (Weekend Intensive; Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate)

1,198.00 for 1 month

Two long sessions building up to arm balancings, from basic to intermediate.

Day1- Preparing through foundational asanas

Day2: Arm balance followed by breath work

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Included in this course

The weekend Intensives are usually a set of two long-duration sessions, conducted over two consecutive days. While each Weekend has a clear focus, the two sessions together touch upon a wide range of asanas and positions, and the second half of the second day is spent on quiet breath work.  In general, the first day has preparatory actions and standing asanas (because standing asanas are the foundations for pretty much all categories of asanas).  The second day reinforces what was learnt on first day, and builds up from it. Even beginner level practitioners may attempt the first day – though they might find the classes a little challenging, the second day is meant for the intermediate level practitioner.
The last half hour is spent on breath-work/ pranayama.

‘Arm Balancings’ are so much more than ‘balancing on the arms’.  Even the simplest of arm balancings brings together abdominal actions, back mobility, shoulder strength, wrist resilience, breath control, and of course, the ‘balance’ factor.  Even the simplest of these balancing positions bring a unique quality of ‘lightness’, and a sense of gratification.   Although regarded as a difficult category to master, the foundations of arm balancings is actually laid in the foundational standing, seated, supine and inverted positions.  Explore these connections, and build up to some arm balances in this weekend series.


  • Most arm balancing positions involve abdominal action, and are therefore not suitable in case of any abdominal tenderness, surgery etc. and for women during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • These sessions have several positions where we progressively increase load on the wrists.  Those with any wrist injuries/ weakness are advised caution.