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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Gentle, Intermediate

Covid-19 Recovery: A suggested yoga Program from the IY (UK) Therapy Committee (Course Level: Exp Beginner, Intermediate, Gentle)

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All sessions in this Short Course are based on the Program developed by IY (UK) Therapy Committee.  The program itself was developed in consultation with Senior teachers in the Iyengar tradition around the world, and also based on the therapy work based on  developed by shri BKS Iyengar.

The entire sequence is divided into 14 categories.  In our recording, we have broken the full practice into multiple parts for practical reasons. The complete sequence is listed at the beginning of each recording.

Positions are shown using the prop arrangements in the published sequence.   For home practice, household object and furniture can be used to adapt the positions,  even if the exact props are not available.

Part1: Prone and supported standing asanas.  Preceded by a short segment of preparatory work that is not part of the original sequence, it is given here for healthy practitioners to gain a better understanding of how our body position effects our breathing.

Part 2: Supported seated positions

Part 3: Supine positions, supported inversions, and prone Savasana

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Included in this course

This recordings in this Short Course for practice during Covid Recovery are not suitable for absolute beginners. Even though explanations and demonstrations are clearly given, basic knowledge of asana positions, use of props, and ability to hold positions for extended periods of time is required. Nor are we recommending this at the acute phase of the disease. Unless working under the supervision of a trained instructor,  this practice should be started slowly in the recovery stage, and slowly built up. Especially the ‘inverted/ upside down’ positions should not be practice when one is weak, or has never practiced inversions before.

For those who are in good health, these sessions give an excellent understanding of quiet practice to improve respiratory health

For a practice that is suitable for beginners/ newcomers, work with the many short tutorials in the FREE Resources section of the Portal Respiratory Health (Short Course; suitable for newcomers) (FREE Resource)