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Course Level: Intermediate

Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana I (Short Course; Level – Intermediate)

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A beginner level asana, but one that might take a while to master.  Virabhadrasana I is introduced as a standing asana.  It has components of forward and backward extension, and even twists.  It requires collaborative effort of arms, legs, shoulders, back and hips.  If any of these parts are not performing optimally, it shows up in the asana most commonly as strain on the knees, back or shoulders, or an overly arched back. Explore some interesting variations and progressions of virabhadrasana I in this set of classes.

Part 1: The Backarch in the standing asana - This session is a combination of standing asanas done dynamically, twisting actions, and back arches.

Part2: The Wings of virabhadrasana I: Role of the Arms

Part3: Progressions from virabhadrasana I to Twists, Abdominals and Inversions – Parivrtta parsvakonasana, eka pada stubandha sarvangasana

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