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Strength & Mobility in an often-ignored Shoulder Position (FREE Resource)

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The 'rotator cuffs' are involved in the more complex shoulder actions that come up in various asanas: especiall back arches and inversins.  Rotator cuffs are a group of 4 muscles (and their tendons) that stabilise the shoulder joint, and also fine-tune many of the movements at the shoulder joint.  Because of the nature of the shoulder joint, these muscles can be a little delicate.  This is a short tutorial.  For a comprehensive understanding of the subject, we recommend that you work with all the sessions of the Short Course 'Shoulder Medley'

Duration: 12 mins.

Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginners. Intermediate

Props needed: any support for the head in a lying down position


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  • while these actions and positions are great for overall shoulder health, for shoulder strengthening, some of them might not be suitable if you have a shoulder or neck injury.
  • This session in particular targets the ‘rotator cuff’ area that can be delicate, especially in this internally rotated position