Forward Extensions: Preparing the Arms

The arms and legs are both the beneficiary of forward extension actions, and also essential participants in executing the forwards extensions. This session focusses on preparing the arms for forward extensions and progresses towards forward extensions through utkatasana and malasana. Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 70 min. Props needed: belt, chair, blankets. This recording […]

Forward Extensions: 
The Essential Intermediate Stages

Calling these ‘concave back’ positions an ‘intermediate’ of forward extensions is an inadequate description. These positions, with their characteristic, arched but fully extended back bodies, arms and legs, look quite different from the final positions of the forward extensions. They prepare us for the final forward extensions, and are beneficial in themselves, reinforcing the connection […]

Viparita Karani Action in Inverted Positions

In his book, ‘Yoga – The Path to Wholistic Health’, BKS Iyengar says viparita karani boosts confidence and alleviates nervous exhaustion. However, the ‘viparita karani’ action can be done in other inverted positions with varying degrees of support. In this session, we look at a few different ways of executing this position. Level: Intermediate Duration: […]

Shoulder blades, Ribs: Arching Back and Twisting

This session explores the role of the shoulder blades in accessing the how we hold our chest: lifted or slumped. While this is a fundamental action for all asana categories: back arches, twists, forward extensions and inversions, this session links it to back arches and twists Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 75 mins Props […]

Abdominal Actions in Twists

Twists rotate the spine and stretch the muscles of the back. Twists help to improve the spinal cord’s range of motion. This session explores the relationship between abdominal organs and twisting actions, primarily through revolved and standing and supine positions, using the arm actions as a moving agency. Level: Intermediate Duration: 90 min. Props needed: […]

Breath Supporting Arm Actions to Lift up to Inversions

This session builds up on the previous sessions and it is expected that the left up to headstand (Sirsasana) and shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) will be relatively effortless without requiring too much active preparation. Instead, this session focusses on the breath as a consolidating force Level: Intermediate Duration: 60 mins. Props needed: blocks, bolster, belt, blankets This […]

Strengthening the Weak Underbelly of the Arms: The Triceps

This is a deceptively simple session that targets an area of the arm that we ignore in most arm movements: the ‘Triceps’. This underside of the arms are weak for many people, and with age, a visible ‘sagging’ of this area becomes apparent. Weakness in this area significantly reduces the strength of our arms, creates […]

Hip and Spine Movements to Complement Running/ Walking/ Sitting at Desk

Overall addressal of joints of the lower body, and the spine, that balances running, walking, or sitting at the desk for long hours.  This session is a mix of asanas, and discrete joint movements to isolate and mobilise joints of the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Level: All levels Duration: 75 min. Props needed: yoga […]

Upper Back Health through Forward Extensions

Often forward bends are contra-indicated in cases of back injury.  The thoracic vertebrae of the upper back are the ones that are the stiffest for most people.  In fact, it is this stiffness in the upper back that contributes to imbalance and pain that manifests in the lower back. In this session we use intermediate […]

Building up to Challenging Leg and Knee Actions

Part of our Short Course on healthy knees, this session is for those whose knees are ready for some adventurous actions.  With the foundation of proper alignment, and with healthy hips and ankles, knees can become strong and resilient through these varied actions level: Intermediate Duration: 75 mins. Props needed: blankets, belt, blocks