Shoulder blades, Ribs: Arching Back and Twisting

This session explores the role of the shoulder blades in accessing the how we hold our chest: lifted or slumped. While this is a fundamental action for all asana categories: back arches, twists, forward extensions and inversions, this session links it to back arches and twists Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 75 mins Props […]

Using a Yoga Strap to Prepare for Forward Bends

There are literally more than a hundred muscles on the side of the spine.  Gaining some awareness and control of these muscles goes a long way in ensuring overall health of the back, and also safety and comfort in more advanced asanas.    In this session we access those para-spinal muscles by initiating with the […]

Improving Ankle Resiliency with Supports

The first segment of this session works on exercises to free up the joints – with a focus on the hips. The second segment focusses on the ankle joint through a series of standing balancing and supine asanas. Level: All Levels Duration: 70min Props needed: a sturdy chair, a couple of blocks, a yoga strap […]

Resilient Ankles: Balancing, Flexing, Extending

This session picks up from the previous session in this short course.  It starts with exploring the role of ankles in standing balancing, weight bearing/ loading the ankles in both flexed and extended positions. The session ends with thorough resting of the calf area This session may be done as a stand-alone session, but it […]

Soft and Supported Preparation for Squatting

Introduces supports/ props to keep the groins soft and supported – building up from the unsupported actions of the previous sessions. We prepare for malasana. Introduces supports/ props to access the groins – building up from the unsupported actions of the previous sessions. Level: Experienced Beginners,  Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 90min. Props needed: yoga strap, a […]

Twisting Actions Short Course (Weekend Intensive) Part1: Limbering through Standing Asanas, followed by Basic Twists in Standing and Seated Positions

Beginning with standing asanas, this session prepares the body by introducing the basic concepts of twists in simple seated and standing positions. Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Duration: 120min. Props needed: chair, block, blankets, bolsters, belt, access to wall This session is part of the Twisting Actions Short Course (Weekend Intensive).

Use of Chair in Asana Practice: Inversions, Restful Asanas and Pranayama

Long stays in restful/ quiet asanas, a regular practice of inverted (upside down) asanas, and a gradual introduction to the powerful practices of pranayama, are characteristics of Iyengar Yoga.  Here, we look at how the chair can be used in a variety of ways, especially in combination with other props like blankets, bolsters and belts, […]

Virabhadrasana1: The Twist and the Backarch in the Standing Asana

In this session, we start with twists, rise up into urdhva dhanurasana, dip down into parsvottanasana, and then lift back up into virabhadrasana I. Level – Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Duration – 60min This recording is part of the following Short Courses: Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana I (Short Course, Level – Experienced Beginner)and, Deep Dive – […]