Preparing for Forward Extensions: Stability in Legs and Shoulders

This first session in the Short Course Essential Forward Extension, reinforces the stability of the legs and the shoulder blades.  The limbs, are both the beneficiaries of forward extensions, as well as active participants in the classical seated forward extensions.  In fact, the journey towards the final positions starts with preparation of the legs and […]

Forward Extensions: Preparing the Arms

The arms and legs are both the beneficiary of forward extension actions, and also essential participants in executing the forwards extensions. This session focusses on preparing the arms for forward extensions and progresses towards forward extensions through utkatasana and malasana. Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 70 min. Props needed: belt, chair, blankets. This recording […]

Forward Extensions: 
The Essential Intermediate Stages

Calling these ‘concave back’ positions an ‘intermediate’ of forward extensions is an inadequate description. These positions, with their characteristic, arched but fully extended back bodies, arms and legs, look quite different from the final positions of the forward extensions. They prepare us for the final forward extensions, and are beneficial in themselves, reinforcing the connection […]

Viparita Karani Action in Inverted Positions

In his book, ‘Yoga – The Path to Wholistic Health’, BKS Iyengar says viparita karani boosts confidence and alleviates nervous exhaustion. However, the ‘viparita karani’ action can be done in other inverted positions with varying degrees of support. In this session, we look at a few different ways of executing this position. Level: Intermediate Duration: […]

Sacrum as the Fulcrum: Transition From Back Arches to Forward Extensions

This session looks at the fulcrum like position of the sacrum in back arches and forward extensions.  We explore if forward extensions and back arches are opposites of each other, mirrors to each other, or parts of the same continuum? Explore the beautiful relationship playing out in our body, culminating in supported and deeply restful […]

Shoulder blades, Ribs: Arching Back and Twisting

This session explores the role of the shoulder blades in accessing the how we hold our chest: lifted or slumped. While this is a fundamental action for all asana categories: back arches, twists, forward extensions and inversions, this session links it to back arches and twists Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate, Gentle Duration: 75 mins Props […]

Long Holds in Supported Positions

Holding an asana for a long period of time lets the effect of the asana ‘seep’ in.  Supported positions that make possible long holds are one of the boons of the methodology developed by shri BKS Iyengar. They calm the nervous system, and are conducive for a meditative and breath-centric practice. This sequences is also […]

The ‘Eka Pada’ of Back Arches: Focus on Mobility and Strengthening before Extending

The simultaneous flexion and extension at the hip junction is a characteristic of the eka pada (one leg) action.  In this session, we look at how this action works in combination with back arching positions/ backbends Duration: 75min; Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Props needed: a sturdy chair, yoga strap, a couple of firm blankets This […]