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Course Level: Intermediate

Eka Pada Actions: Preparing for Hanumanasana (Short Course; level: Intermediate)

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The ‘Eka Pada’ action: literally, meaning One (Eka) Leg (Pada) appear in many asanas – from the basic to the advanced.  At its simplest, it might just involve holding one leg steady while moving the other  (as in supta padangusthasana or utthita hasta padangusthasana).  In its more complex forms it involves the two legs scissoring away from each other in opposite directions, culminating in the  hanumanasana: the celestial monkey in majestic mid leap.  While hanumanasana itself might not be accessible to many people, the separation of the front and back legs moving away from each other in the saggital plain is important to maintain the health and mobility all along the legs, the knee and hip joints, and the groins.  This has become even more relevant these days with our sedentary lifestyles and long hours of seating on chairs, as well as the popularity of physical activities such as running and bicycling, that involve repetitive short range movement of the legs.

The sessions are listed here as we taught them in the Live classes. Part 2 calls for hamstring extensions.  We also recommend coming back to this session after the Part3 of the Short Course (that focusses on mobility and strengthening) and comparing the effects.

Part 1: Working the Thighs for Eka pada Actions - An overview of eka pada actions that are detailed in the subsequent sessions of this Short Course

Part2: The ‘Eka pada‘ of Back Arches: Focus on Mobility and Strengthening before Extending - eka pada preparation for back arches: strength and mobility

Part 3: The ‘Eka pada‘ of Back Arches -the ‘Eka Pada’ action playing out in back arches.

Part4: Eka Pada Actions: Culmination of the Leap towards hanumanasana

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