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Course Level: Experienced Beginner, Gentle

Practice for the Days of Menstruation (Short Course; Level: Experienced Beginner)

598.00 for 1 month

The Part I and Part II of this short course have detailed instructions, demonstrations, as well as enough time to stay in each asana.  They are in separate recordings only for the sake of convenience - since not all practitioners might be able to do a long session.  However, once familiar with the detailed instructions, do the entire practice as shown in the follow along session.

Part I: supported standing asanas, supta padangusthasana II, and seated arm extensions

Part II - seated forward extending asanas, upright seated asanas, supported back arches and supine positions, Savasana

Part III - an edited and combined version of Part I and Part II, with minimal instructions and demonstrations. Meant to be done as a follow-along session.

In addition, the Short Course :Principles of Womens' Practice (level Exp Beginner) is  recommended for principles of asana practice that women are advised to follow throughout the month for optimum functioning of reproductive organs, and hormonal health.

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Included in this course

Asana practice has a special place throughout the reproductive cycle of a woman – from the onset of puberty, through pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause. A practice that is in sync with the hormonal cycle, adds a rich dimension to the practice of asanas, and over a period of time, can alleviate many of the discomforts associated with the monthly periods.
This goes way beyond a ‘menstrual sequence’, and extends to practice during the whole month. Indeed, there are healthy practices for the pre and post-menstrual days, as well as adaptations for conditions like irregular menses, scanty or heavy flow, PCOD/ PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids.

The  menstrual practice, when done regularly during the days of menstruation, over a period of time, helps address the most commonly seen distressful symptoms of menstruation, such as abdominal cramps, back ache, bloating, headache, uneven digestion, and mood swings.  It also forms the basis for deeper and more detailed therapeutic work that is required to address conditions of menstrual dysfunction such as PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids.

– Women during menstruation are advised not to practice abdominal actions, twists, strong back arches, jumping, or any other tiring asanas