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Course Level: Intermediate

Short Course #1 for Knees: from Healing to Challenging (Short Course; level: Intermediate)

This Short Course on Knee awareness neatly breaks down the information packets: alignment, creating space, activating the surrounding tissue: thighs, hips and calves, dynamic weight shifts, progressive loading of the knee, going beyond flexion and extension to internal and external rotations

This structure makes it easier to understand the breadth of actions in which the knee participates.  The sessions of this Short Course also go from simple, to more complex/ strenuous actions.  While the first couple of sessions can be used therapeutically even by those who are going through an aggravated knee condition (recent injury or pain), the latter sessions will progressively challenge both the load bearing capacity, and the range of movement, at the knee.

Part1: Knee Alignment

Part2: Creating ‘Space’ at the Knee Joint

Part3: Role Hips and Thighs for Healthy Knee

Part4: Activating Leg Muscles Through Extending and Squeezing

Part5: Dynamic Weight Bearing and Weight Shifts for Resilient Knees

Part6: Progressive Weight Bearing, Flexion and Rotation for Resilient Knees

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