Long Holds in Supported Positions

Holding an asana for a long period of time lets the effect of the asana ‘seep’ in.  Supported positions that make possible long holds are one of the boons of the methodology developed by shri BKS Iyengar. They calm the nervous system, and are conducive for a meditative and breath-centric practice. This sequences is also […]

Hip and Spine Movements to Complement Running/ Walking/ Sitting at Desk

Overall addressal of joints of the lower body, and the spine, that balances running, walking, or sitting at the desk for long hours.  This session is a mix of asanas, and discrete joint movements to isolate and mobilise joints of the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Level: All levels Duration: 75 min. Props needed: yoga […]

Exploration of Breath in Different Supported Asana Positions

The concept of the Prana is difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain. What can be said with certainty is that: the breath can be used as a starting point to understand the rhythm of the Prana, and that Asanas are like a laboratory that provide opportunities for breath to be express naturally […]

Experience of Breath in the Head and Face Areas

This is an audio/ video hybrid session.  The first part is an active asana segment to stabilise the body, and the mind.  In the second half of the session, we practice breath awareness with the head and the face region in focus. Level: Intermediate Duration: 60 min. Props needed: a sturdy chair, a strap, a […]

Strengthening Legs for a Healthy Back: Beyond Walking, Beyond Stretching

In this session, we isolate and address a vary large group of muscles that has immense potential to increase the strength of our legs – the hamstrings.  These are crucial also in maintaining a healthy back.  This session uses supports to hold asanas for longer duration, giving chance to the hamstrings to passively lengthen, instead […]

Breath Experience with Soft Groins

The last session in this Short Course, is an audio-video hybrid session. The first 20 mins of this session explains the asana positions that are then used for breath exploration in the subsequent 40 mins.  The asana positions and the supports have been selected so that they either emphasize or encourage softening at the groins. […]

Relief from Abdominal Heaviness after Feasting (Level Intermediate)

A sequence to relieve abdominal heaviness/sluggishness, this is a mix of active and passive positions. level: Intermediate Duration: 60 min Props needed: yoga strap, yoga chair, stack of firmly folded blankets, bolster This recording is part of the Short Course Short Course #1 for Abdomen: More than ‘Core’ (Level – Intermediate)