Twisting Actions Short Course (Weekend Intensive) Part2: Open, Closed, Supine and Inverted

Building up on the first part of this two-part series, This session explores the next level of complexity in twisting – introducing the concepts of open and closed twists, also twists in supine and inverted positions. The session ends with breath-work in supine positions Level: Intermediate Duration: 150min. Props needed: chair, block, blankets, bolsters ( […]

Strengthening the Weak Underbelly of the Arms: The Triceps

This is a deceptively simple session that targets an area of the arm that we ignore in most arm movements: the ‘Triceps’. This underside of the arms are weak for many people, and with age, a visible ‘sagging’ of this area becomes apparent. Weakness in this area significantly reduces the strength of our arms, creates […]

Knee Health: Simple Adjustments to in Asana Practice to Improve Knee Health

Simple ways to align the knees, and using asanas to strengthen knees while preventing knee pain.  This can be done as as stand-alone session, but we recommend following it up with the session Knee Health: Further Diagnostics, and Ways to Improve Knee Health through Asanas.   Duration: 75min Level: Beginner, Experienced Beginner Props needed: a […]

Twisting Actions Short Course (Weekend Intensive) Part1: Limbering through Standing Asanas, followed by Basic Twists in Standing and Seated Positions

Beginning with standing asanas, this session prepares the body by introducing the basic concepts of twists in simple seated and standing positions. Level: Experienced Beginner, Intermediate Duration: 120min. Props needed: chair, block, blankets, bolsters, belt, access to wall This session is part of the Twisting Actions Short Course (Weekend Intensive).

Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana 1 (Short Course, Intermediate)

A beginner level Asana, but one that might take a while to master.  Virabhadrasana1 is a standing Asana.  It has components of forward and backward extension, and even twists.  It requires collaborative effort of arms, legs, shoulders, back and hips.  If any of these parts are not performing optimally, it shows up in the Asana most commonly […]

Upper Back Preparation Leading to Back Arches (Part2 of Back Arches Weekend Intensive)s

Focussing on calves, shins and ankles as the foundation for standing asanas. Progressing to the basic back arches, ending with breath-work. This session is part of the Short Course ‘Standing to Back Arches (Weekend Intensive). Save by renting the entire Course. Level: Experienced Beginners, Intermediate Duration: 120min Props required: a yoga strap, a sturdy chair, […]